About us

SENSETRONICS CORPORATION, with its range of sensing, motion and control products has ties with some of the world’s leading companies in the field of automation. Our principals WACHENDORFF AUTOMATION GMBH and Co.Kg, GERMANY are among the best in the world for its range of incremental, absolute and magnetic encoders and systems. TRI-TRONICS INC (USA) are among the leaders in cutting edge photo-electric sensors, while UNIMEASURE INC (USA) is a world leader for draw wire sensors.

Our products can be used in a wide range of applications in automation in the field of packaging, automobiles, textile, steel, hydraulics, robotics, material handling, pharmaceutical, glass, mechanical and engineering industries, welding machinery, plastic metal injection machines, plastic extrusion machines, printing presses, metal cutting and bending machines like press brakes and medical, robotic, materials handling as well as in automation systems.

We believe in providing our customers with the fastest, most reliable and revolutionary technology thereby guaranteeing higher customer satisfaction. We understand and respond to the customer’s need and are able to give solutions which match their precise requirement.



The Wachendorff Group has been developing and manufacturing systems and encoders for more than 20 years and these have been used throughout the world in a wide variety of applications. Alongside a wide standard range of products with comprehensive options, we are always more than happy to design 'your' encoder to meet your specific requirements. We are well-known with our customers for the innovative and rugged design of our encoders and systems. The flexibility of our production means we are able to manufacture just about any piece quantity and offer you an express delivery service of Just 48 hours.

WACHENDORFF encoders provide high resolution and high torque encoders, pulses up to 25000ppr and with shaft loads upto 400N. Hollow shaft encoders of WACHENDORFF have hollows shafts upto 72mm. We give a 5 year warranty on our products.


Wachendorff Prozesstechnik offers a range of sophisticated high-quality industrial products from all over the world for the process visualization and automation markets. The comprehensive programme comprises system solutions and responsibility. In addition to operator panels, digital displays, wireless solutions and proximity sensors, we also offer Ethernet components, signal converters, large displays, temperature controllers and many other intelligent products for industrial applications.

2) TRI-TRONCS INC (USA) is a photoelectric sensor manufacturer designing unique products that solve difficult problems in industrial packaging, printing and labeling applications. TRI-TRONICS INC (USA)‘s wide range of high performance Optical sensors, Rectangular photo electric sensors, Background suppression sensors, Fiber-Optic sensors, Laser sensors, Colour sensors, Colour mark sensors, Label sensors provides the user a complete solution in optical sensing to any user.

3) UNIMEASURE INC. (USA) is the world's leading manufacturer of DRAW WIRE POTENTIOMETERS. UniMeasure manufactures four transducer series. Each series includes several models, with a number of measurement ranges and output options. Output is available in analog or digital square wave. Transducers are available to measure linear displacement, velocity or both.

UNIMEASURE’s draw wire transducer series of LX, JX, STANDARD, HX and RTX offers customer a measuring range starting from 50mm to 50 meters.

4) M.D. MICRO DETECTORS (ITALY): Along with the normal range of proximity and photo-electric sensors. M.D. MICRO DETECTORS manufacture area sensors, safety barriers, ultrasonic sensors, photoelectric sensors and IP69K rating sensors inductive and capacitive sensors.

5) ATEK (TURKEY): ATEK Sensor is the Turkish leader in the field of measuring and position control. It is a company which is manufacturing Linear Potentiometers, Magnetic Linear Encoders, Optical Linear Scales and Pressure transducers (including melt pressure).

SENSETRONICS look forward to your enquiries and we hope to have a long standing working relationship with you.

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